After a lifetime running thought experiments to generate unique solutions across many fields, I can now run them for you. – Dr. Bruce Damer

Thought experiments are a staple of science and technology and are behind some of the biggest breakthroughs in human thought. Sometimes they appear out of the blue after years of pondering like Isaac Newton’s falling apple giving him the insight into universal gravity. I have developed a practice of thought experiments which have been successfully applied to numerous challenges in science, space, technology and business. Some of these arrive as “visionary downloads” such as the scenario I proposed for the origin of life. Others have appeared fully formed after long years of engineering workups and group collaboration such as my work on the SHEPHERD asteroid mining spacecraft. 

Organizations that employ visionary out-of-the-box thinkers have consistently had a much greater impact on the marketplace, often displacing competitors entirely. Apple founder Steve Jobs was the first CEO to hire an independent visionary design thinker, Hartmut Esslinger, to design much of the product line in the 1980s.

If your organization is struggling with a design challenge, a product direction, a new organizational mission, or a deep technical issue, you can draw the deep well of the thought experiment. See a [portfolio of past projects and clients here]. To view my process in action, watch this short documentary for NASA on visualizing a new way to build a moon base:

Current themes I am investigating include:

  • Designs for living sea walls to mitigate sea level inundation due to climate change
  • New post Von Neumann computing architectures to support planetary problems in AI and machine learning
  • Sample return from Mars using lightweight done helicopters
  • Delivery of short RNA strands through exosomes to deal with future pandemics
  • Linking neuroimaging, microfluidics and augmented reality to enhance access to elevated mental states
  • Scaling practices around the repair of trauma in the human operating system
  • Testing predictions from the P-I-M formalism in evolutionary theory, economics and philosophy

Please drop me a line if any of the above themes or needs resonate. We can engage in an exploratory session online (in confidence) and take it from there.