Imagine standing on a rocky red landscape, bright meteors flashing overhead through brown volcanic smog: it is Earth before life. Walking up to a bubbling hot spring pool, you notice slicks of soapy organics released from meteorite dust. The pool dries down and refills and these slicks assemble into the first spherical protocells. Polymers trapped inside the protocells undergo trillions of selection cycles and the functions of biology begin to emerge. You are witnessing the very act of creation as now proposed by science.

Beyond being a truly fascinating cycling process, which can animate matter, it is also a new telling of “our creation” outside of religion or mythology. Myths on their own can be powerful guides, transforming the way we think about ourselves and our world.

As a scientist but also as a human being who deeply cares about the future of life, I am driven to bring you this story for it could be the biggest new insight of our times, and one we greatly need to hear. This is a breakthrough scientific scenario, now being tested in the lab and out in actual hot springs, for how we were made.

Acknowledging the existential risks we now face, in the 2020s I am now turning all of my insight and experience to bring forth a new story of life and actions humanity can take to improve the probability of our long term survival.  perhaps most profound is the dawning realization the dense interconnection within life and culture may be cohering into a probabilistic field. This field could be thought of as a meta-intelligence with which we can interface and with our focused attention, has the power to shape the future of our world.;…bring you the story of this science and its implications for humanity.