Dr Bruce Damer

Origin of Life Scientist, Futurist, Space Mission Designer, Cyberspace Pioneer, Keynote Speaker

What would the discovery of our deepest common ancestor teach us about who we are and where we might go next?

What if we looked deep back in time to discover the place and the process of the arising of our deepest common ancestor at the origin of life. Science is hot on the trail of that ancestor, which must have been self-assembled from a jumble of inanimate molecules and crossed a probabilistic chasm to become the first living things. As this picture emerges, so do profound insights which might just transform our world, unify the way we see life, and provide us a path to the stars.

I am excited to bring you the latest experiments, thinking and implications of this work:

  • The fascinating mechanics of how we believe life was lifted into being, molecule by molecule, by a natural cycling “engine” on the early Earth;
  • The intriguing metaphysics of this engine, its gears and camshafts which turned through four billion years to create our world, our culture, our technology and quite possibly the seat of our conscious experience;
  • A remarkable new sense of meaning emanating from a plausible answer to the question “how were we made?” and insights into the next questions: “who are we, and where can we go next?”

Why is it important to bring this story to Humanity now? We are at a junction point, where we either choose to survive and to thrive into a long future, or whether we succumb to destructive forces of our own making and lose all that we have built. The emergence of a powerful, empirically-grounded story of our creation and insights into how our world works may tip the balance toward our survival. 

How can you become involved in this work? There are four ways to engage including:

  1. Follow the developing science of life’s origins and its implications with our publications, media, news and blog articles;
  2. Join the conversation in our podcast and live webinars and informal salons;
  3. Support and engage in scientific research, thought experiments and venture project development.
  4. Directly reach out to me with your own inspirations or offers of engagement.