Dr Bruce Damer

Origin of Life Scientist, Space Mission Designer, Cyberspace Pioneer, Keynote Speaker

  1. Join me for what might be the next Copernican Revolution. In 1543 Nicolaus Copernicus published a novel theory that the sun, not the Earth was the center of our solar system, with the stunning implication that there were other worlds and that we might not be alone in the universe.  A new revolution is underway in the science of the origin of life. At its core is a 21st Century hypothesis of how complex things emerge from simpler ones. Scientists around the world are pursuing the discovery of a chemical code of creation which can transform inanimate matter into the first living cells. Finding this code carries enormous implications for everything from technology to philosophy to the understanding of the underlying substrate of consciousness. If it bears out, it would be a new centering of our understanding of emergent creation itself.
  2. The first deliveries of this discovery could enable the following paradigm shift for how we lead our lives and run our civilization: that life is not just advanced through competition and the survival of the fittest but also rests on a deep substrate of collaboration and synergistic sharing networks. This realization is emerging as a new, scientific creation story informed by work on the Hot Spring Hypothesis for an Origin of Life developed in collaboration with my colleague Prof. David Deamer and others around the world. For life to spring into existence there had to be a complex confluence of factors that lined up just right. The first primitive precursors to cells were just too simple and fragile to survive in isolation, let alone compete with each other, so they built upon shared resources and synergies to create robust communities in which to evolve. For our life today to continue and thrive, we need to tackle the causes of separation and isolation of our fragile selves and advance deeper forms of collaborative synergy and community in which to live.
  3. I fear that if we do not embrace a sustainable, fully cooperative way of being, if we continue to follow the rules of win/lose games, then we will follow “plan A” to extinction. Seeking win/win, synergistic collaboration will move us to a platform essential to our continued survival and evolution. What if we opt for “plan B” and place our civilization on a path to a billion year future in the cosmos? The time is now and we can pivot our world on profound discoveries emerging from science. Join me and support my ongoing work and that of our research community at BIOTA. Click here to become a participant in this work or directly reach out to me.